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Vinha das Virtudes emerges from a smallholding in the Alentejo that decided to focus on producing small outputs of superior quality, a project whose main inspiration are the seven virtues of the epic poem by Prudentius, a Roman poet who lived between the years 348 and 410.  In Psichomachia, he describes a battle between virtues and vices, illustrating the soul’s struggle against the seven deadly sins, where virtues always triumph.

Vinha das Virtudes wines aim to express the region’s values, bearing the name of each virtue in its Latin etymology:

Humilitas - humility, which opposes pride
Temperantia - temperance or moderation, which opposes gluttony
Liberalitas - generosity, which opposes envy
Humanitas - charity or generosity, which opposes greed
Patientia - patience, which opposes wrath
Diligentia - diligence, which opposes sloth
Castitas - chastity, which opposes lust.

The first wines have been launched: The initial range is called Liberalitas, comprised of a red, a white and a rosé.
The up-market range Humanitas is comprised of the red 2013 Reserva and the white Escolha 2014.
There is an exceptional line, which shall only be produced in outstanding years, called Humilitas.

At the hands of winemaker Pedro Baptista, José Rodrigues introduces his wines to the market with great pride and optimism.